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Bottle Drive Experts in Calgary

Marklan Bottle Depot is your bottle drive experts in Calgary and surrounding areas. We provide bottle and can collection options such as drives and programmes. We have regularly scheduled pickups from Airdrie, Chestermere, Cochrane, and Calgary. We also offer bi-weekly, weekly, or monthly pickup services to commercial institutions, academic facilities, construction sites, and more. Contact us today or visit our website for more information.

Bottle Drives

Our bottle drives include:

Indoor bottle drive facility available

Sorting is not required for bottle drives

Trucks available for site bottle drives

Cheque or cash available within a couple of days

Commercial Pickups

Commercial pickups include:

Weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly pickups

Scheduled service pickups

Cash or monthly cheques issued

Can accommodate special events (stampede, fundraisers, and charity)

Sorting is not required

School Recycling Programmes

Our school recycling programmes include:

Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly pickups

Sorting is not required

Different types of bins and bags available for collection

Cash or monthly cheques issued

For more information on our bottle drives and pickups, please check out Alberta Bottle Depot Association.

bottle recycling

Bottle Drives

Make extra money for a cause by organizing bottle drives and recycling programmes.

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