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Depot with a Difference

Book your bottle drives or commercial pickup.

Marklan Bottle Depot: Local Bottle Recycling Company in Calgary


Have a lot of bottles and cans lying around the house or at the workplace? Do your bit for the planet and bring them in for recycling. If you are looking for a bottle recycling company in Calgary, Marklan Bottle Depot is here to help. We provide bottle and can recycling services to walk-in customers, commercial stores, homeowners, academic facilities, bottle drives, and others in the area. We offer accurate counting of all cans and bottles we take in for collection, so you know that your refund will always be correct. In addition, we take care of all the sorting, so you don’t have to. We also collect electronic appliances and any other recyclable products. Contact us today.

Professional Affiliations

Depot Association
Depot Association
Depot Association
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Bottle Drives

Make extra money for a cause by organizing bottle drives and recycling programmes.

Electronic recycling

Return Rates

10 cent return:
Containers one litre or less
25 cent return:
Containers over one litre

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