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Electronics Recycling Services in Calgary

If you have a collection of unused, broken, or obsolete electronic items in your home or workplace, then it’s time to get rid of the unnecessary junk. Also, think about earning some money at the same time! Marklan Bottle Depot offers electronics recycling services in Calgary and surrounding areas. By recycling electronics, you avoid letting them end up in landfills. The electronic waste leads to chemical leaching of the soil resulting in pollution of groundwater, soil, and air, and thereby affecting human health. Let us work together and contribute to the community and the environment.


We accept all types of electronic devices and machines, such as computers, printers, monitors, TVs, fax machines, microwaves, and other household electronic equipment. For more information please visit Ecycle Solutions.

bottle recycling

Bottle Drives

Make extra money for a cause by organizing bottle drives and recycling programmes.

Electronic recycling

Return Rates

10 cent return:
Containers one litre or less
25 cent return:
Containers over one litre

Professional Affiliations

Depot Association
Depot Association
Depot Association
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